Koe: The Battle System

So, let’s start off with a short introduction to something you die-hard JRPG fans would be interested in- The battle system!

For the record, the art in this game will be changed at a later date, the low poly assets are so the game works on even the slowest of computers for testing. You may also need to install the Japanese packs for your system to get some characters on this post rendering properly, or else you might see squares, but hopefully you won’t!

Koe features a traditional turn-based battle system, where you are given Japanese words from various sources (NPCs, chests, monsters, shops etc) and you use these words as moves in battle, you can combine them to make sentences for better moves, but that’s for a different post. You may get the Japanese word for sword (katana/かたな) as the item below.


You can then select this word in battle to vanquish enemies.

Untitled-2Is that a gigantic octopus? And why is my hair purple?

Untitled-2Oh, I get it! I’m supposed to put these words in to this fan, now what?

Untitled-4Wait.. Did I just summon a sword out of my fan?!

..and this is pretty much the gist of it! You need to know which words turn in to which moves. Did you see the word again? It looks like this in game.


If you’ve never dabbled across Japanese before, the big character, 刀, is a Kanji, a character adapted from Chinese, and the characters on the side are in Hiragana, a syllabary in Japanese. In this case, the Hiragana is basically the way to read the Kanji. Don’t worry if you don’t understand this here, Koe will have a great introduction to this, and you’ll be able to revisit it as much as you like! For now, let’s look at the characters on the side か, た, and な which are ka, ta, and na, respectively. See what that makes? Katana! In Koe, these characters are the very soul of battle, so the more you use your moves, the more you will power up those characters.


As you power up the characters, your moves will get stronger, become more useful or change completely! You will need to power up all of them though, there are dozens of moves, and 3 different charts! If you’ve never seen Hiragana before, the charts look similar to this;

KoenohiraganastrokeNot indicative of final artwork.

Obviously, all of this will be taught to you, and you will start off with only a few characters, and earn others along the way. So that’s the basics of the battle system, of course there will be a lot more, such as party members, big bosses and dungeons, which I will go on to talk about next time. For now, spread the word and let me know what you think of the battle system below, any feedback is great feedback!


2 thoughts on “Koe: The Battle System

  1. Neph says:

    This is awesome. I can’t wait to get my hands on this game. I wonder how much will it cost though. Ho well, just got to save enough money to get it :P

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