The Koe (声) Steam Greenlight Page and Prototyping Demo

Hey guys!

Koe is now on Steam Greenlight, we’d appreciate it ever so much if you would vote for us! It’ll allow us to release Koe on the largest PC game distributor. Click the image below to go to our Greenlight page!

UPDATE: We have been greenlit! The image below now goes to our steam page.

Koe Logo

EULA avaiable here. The Koe Prototyping Demo was available on this page. Due to the amount of updates since the demo, it is no longer indicative of the final gameplay of Koe and has been removed from our servers. If you enjoyed the demo and would like to contribute to Koe’s development then you may be delighted to know that Koe will begin pre-orders in August, around when the Alpha releases.


4 thoughts on “The Koe (声) Steam Greenlight Page and Prototyping Demo

  1. cytsunny says:

    Great to see that there is a Linux version and so far it is running smoothly on my Ubuntu machine, but too bad that Steam client doesn’t work well on my machine that I won’t be able to play that on my machine on actual release….

    Anyway I have still vote for a green light on Steam. Look forward to another way to pay for the game though.

    • Jitesh says:

      I am looking to release the game on other platforms if we get accepted (hopefully GOG, I like their DRM-free no-hassle style of distribution)

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