The Koe (声) Steam Greenlight Page and Prototyping Demo

Hey guys!

Koe is now on Steam Greenlight, we’d appreciate it ever so much if you would vote for us! It’ll allow us to release Koe on the largest PC game distributor. Click the image below to go to our Greenlight page!

Koe Logo

The Koe Prototyping Demo is now available to everyone for free. Please do note the pre-production nature of the demo, there will be bugs and possibly crashes, the dialogue and art may still be unpolished in a few places, and it comes with no warranty or guarantee. But it’s free, so check it out anyway.

Executable notes

The demo is only playable with a mouse (or trackpad) and keyboard. We have controller support working for the most part, but an engine issue we ran into (and currently have no control over) has stopped us from being able to build with the classes needed for this. This will be added in a later build. You have the option of remapping keys in the quality options screen before playing should you not have a QWERTY layout. The default for movement is the arrow keys or WASD, interaction is click or space, and menus are Return or Esc.
Most people with a dedicated graphics card will be able to run the game at Ultra settings. Koe isn’t a graphically-demanding game, however, there is no optimization in this demo, so expect the final version to play much better than this build. Computers with integrated graphics (Intel HD graphics, AMD APU) should select a screen resolution of 720p and “Mid” or “Low” settings quality depending on age.
The build is a “development build” meaning that in case there is a game-breaking bug (there shouldn’t be, but we’re being cautious) you’ll get an error log show up instead of a complete crash of the game.

All public links are hosted on MEGA to keep load off our servers. Please click “Download through your browser” (the grey link)


Mac OSX (Intel-based)

Linux (Experimental i386)




Finished demo feedback form (requires Google account)