Koe (声) FAQ

A few questions we’ve been getting recently about Koe so here’s a small FAQ


When will Koe be released?

Koe has been pushed back a few times due to the team waiting on assets, we’ve released a prototyping session and hope to have more playable material very soon. The best place to keep updated is on our Kickstarter page.


Which platforms will you target?

Currently, Koe is being developed for Windows, Mac, Linux and PS Vita.


Will Koe have Online functionality?

Currently there is a system to share cards/words only, we may add more functionality if there is more interest in it.


I see that you don’t update your website regularly. Where can I get updates on Koe?

We decided to use Kickstarter as our main update platform, updates are currently monthly over at http://kck.st/1c8NbwL.


The images don’t show up on your website, where can I see what the game looks like?

For some reason, images were lost when we changed hosts. The exact same images are available on our campaign page at http://kck.st/1c8NbwL, but take a look at the updates to see the updated version of the game.


How much will Koe cost/where will it be distributed?

Both of these are still yet to be decided. Koe will (currently) be digital only, minus the Kickstarter physical copies.


I missed the Kickstarter! Can I still help fund Koe?

We’re glad you’re interested in helping us, however we currently don’t want to continue funding. We’ll set up a pre-order system closer to release.


My question isn’t answered here. How can I contact you?

You can contact us over on Kickstarter which is the preferred method, or send us an email using the link at the top of the website.


Hope you’re all doing well!